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Damn shadows! Lol my mommy and I!
So I tried this after I woke up because I wanted to get the hang of it! I totally forgot that I bought this and I only found out because I was looking for something in my makeup drawers and what do you know! This eye liner is very easy to apply, I usually have a hard time applying eye liner and this definitely made it easy for me to use. The tip is very flexible so you could definitely create a lot of different designs on your eyes. My  struggle is creating the wing at the end, can I say that with this it definitely was not hard at all! I felt like I accomplished something HUGE! I also would like to mention that I have heard from a few people that this product is a little hard to remove, I have to agree, I love using Maybelline Clean Express and I still had a hard time removing this, I plan to buy the makeup remover that they use along with this product to see if it makes a difference. If you’ve tried this eyeliner and have an suggestions let me know in the comment section! Or if you know of other amazing products that I should try then please do let me know!
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I’ve decided to review this amazing product! I plan on reviewing more products that I have at home in the near future. Let me first say that this product is amazing! Like all people with oily skin, my T-zone is a lover of the oil that my sebaceous glands release! YUCK! This product definitely takes care of that problem! I used to and still use POREfessional and love that stuff too however I really wanted to try other Benefit products. Dr. Feelgood is just amazing! It creates a matte look to my skin and gets rid of the shiny oily look, I use it either with my make up when I can feel the oil coming or alone with no makeup. It’s entirely up to you how you plan to use it. On occasion I’ll get acne and I tend to stay away from applying products on my face for the week or two (sometimes) however everyone has different skin and our skin reacts differently when you apply products to if. Overall it’s a wonderful product and plan to buy it again after I run out! If you’ve tried this product let me know what your thought are! Or if you have other recommendations please let me know in the comment section! P.S. I want to mention that if you do use with make up the sponge will get a little dirty over time and even if you don’t use make up with it, I still recommend washing it periodically with your favorite cleanser and allow it to air dry where there is a lot of ventilation so that no bacteria or mold begin to grow! Love Love!
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